Dance Marathon is a four hour event that is part theatrical performance, part live telecast, part athletic competition, and part rave. Approximately 200 participants are conscripted into intimate collaboration with a series of equally disoriented strangers, coerced and choreographed, monitored and live-streamed, interrogated and systematically eliminated. However, its participants are also invited to dance – and, through dance, into a playful, communal celebration of mediated cultural exchange and relational aesthetics.

Performance TextDirection, and Performance by by Stephen O’Connell, Daniel Pettrow, Sabrina Reeves, Lucy Simic, and Richard Windeyer.
Dramaturgy and Devising Collaboration: Bruce Barton

Performed Toronto, Vancouver, Cork (Ireland), New York, Melbourne, London (England), Edinburgh (Scotland)

Sample Review: The Telegraph (UK) 

Sample of My Publication on Dance Marathon: “‘Stop Looking at Your Feet’: bluemouth’s Dance Marathon and Inter/Actual Dramaturgy.” Performance Research 14.3 (2009): 13-27.

Photos by Gordon Hawkins ©2009