“Three hotel rooms. Three scenarios. Three levels of engagement with media. Lenz is an irresolvable puzzle of missing characters and missed connections, as audience members move through the simultaneous episodes in unpredictable sequences, pursuing the work’s elusive, intermedial logic. Intensely intimate, intellectually and emotionally challenging, and occasionally aggressive, Lenz ultimately appeals directly to the senses.”


Performance Text, Design and Direction by Stephen O’Connell, Sabrina Reeves, Lucy Simic and Richard Windeyer
Performance Text editing and preparation by Bruce Barton

Performed in Toronto and New York

Performance Text: Canadian Theatre Review  127 (Summer 2006): 60 ff.

Sample Review: http://www.nytheatre.com/Show/Review/5006259

Sample of My Publication on Lenz: “Through a Lenz Darkly: Bluemouth Inc.’s S(t)imulated Schizophrenia.” Canadian Theatre Review  127 (Summer 2006): 54-59.