“In a future as far away as tomorrow, a scientist is about to discover the cure for time. But before he does, his daughter will die. And before he does, an architect will build a tower high enough to cast a shadow over all of history. And before he does, a man will step through the doorway to the place where ideas come from, and turn invisible.”


Playtext by Robert Plowman
Directed by Alex McLean
Dramaturgy by Bruce Barton
Performed by Sandy Gribbin, Susan Leblanc-Crawford, Ben Stone, Kiersten Tough
Musical Score by David Christensen and Jason MacIsaac

Performed multiple locations: Halifax, Toronto

Performance Text: In Reluctant Texts from Exuberant Performance: Canadian Devised TheatreNew Canadian Drama Volume 9. Ottawa: Borealis Press, 2008.

Sample of My Publication on Radium City: “Delirious Juxtapositions and Wondrous, Vaulting Logic: Running Away to Join the (Zuppa) Circus.” In Reluctant Texts from Exuberant Performance.