“‘…to arrive one has to leave….’ An immersive and participatory exploration of dependency, resistance, rejection, and return. X-ODUS features Allen Kaeja’s signature Elevations and Contact Dance, but also pushes the choreographer and dancers into unprecedented regions of risk and intimacy with the audience.”

Choreographed by Allen Kaeja
Performed by Stephanie Tremblay Abubo, Michael Caldwell, Zhenya Cerneacov, Karen Kaeja, Meredith Plumb
Dramaturgy by Bruce Barton
Soundscape by Edgardo Moreno

Performed Enwave Theatre, Harbourfront Performing Arts, Toronto, ON, Canada

Sample Review: http://batemanreviews.blogspot.ca/2013/05/in-association-with-harbourfront.html

Sample of My Publication on X-ODUS: “Moving Thoughts.” CTR 155 (Summer 2013): 41-5.