Penny Dreadful by Zuppa Theatre.

“Reimagining Intimacy: Immersive and Participatory Performance in the Era of Covid-19will be held over four days and in four separate locations between 14 – 17 December, 2022. Hosts include the University of Calgary and Concordia University in Canada, and the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and the University of Greenwich in London, UK. Combining live and virtual performances, public workshops, artist laboratories, creator and scholar panels, and a one-day symposium, the event will approach its primary preoccupation from a wide and diverse range of perspectives. At the centre of all this activity is the key question,

What are the present conditions and future possibilities of intimacy in Immersive and Participatory Performance in a world transformed by the Covid-19 pandemic?”

Prominent artists and scholars from across Canada, the USA, the UK, and northern Europe will convene to exchange, explore, and collectively vision around this shared preoccupation.

Bruce Barton, University of Calgary
Gareth White, Central School of Speech and Drama
Natalia Esling, University of British Columbia
Event Coordinators:
Sage Cannon, Randi Edmundson & Cassie Holmes
University of Calgary