All our Common Threads & Our Common Scissors by Brown and Garrett

Public Workhop

All our Common Threads & Our Common Scissors

Caitlind Brown and Wayne Garrett

15 December 2022 / 09:00 MST
University Theatre Lobby, University of Calgary


A playful group performance-discussion synthesizing topics around the subject of intimacy through an active process of tying together the threads of conversation (literally). You’re invited to share your own thoughts and experiences related to touch-based artforms, tactile mediums, community engagement, and social spaces — with an emphasis on the changes wrought by COVID-19. Intended as a co-learning workshop to gather collective insight, All our Common Threads & Our Common Scissors is guided by local artists Caitlind Brown & Wayne Garett and draws from The Future of Touch symposium to create a playful exercise full of fun, mischief, and possibilities. Points of conversation may include: the value of physical proximity, expanded intimacy in the internet era, touch-fear and risk, more equitable intimacies, new understandings of domestic space, non-traditional mediums of touch, and so much more.

Participants should bring an open mind and comfortable footwear. The workshop is open to the public and no previous knowledge of the subject is required. Please submit your shirt-size when applying to participate. Kindly note: photos and video may be captured throughout this workshop.

Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett are Canadian collaborators exploring the interspace between light + dark, nature + culture, DIY + institutional, individual + collective. The duo centres their practice in relational space, creating projects that beckon viewers with novel materials and participatory contexts, inviting strangers to share in collaborative viewership. Caitlind & Wayne have exhibited extensively, most notably at Weisman Art Museum (USA), Pera Museum (Turkey), Japan Alps Art Festival (Japan), the National Arts Centre (Canada), and Garage Museum of Contemporary Art (Russia). Their award winning public artworks include CARBON COPYDelta Garden + The City Unseen, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, AFTER IMAGELIGHT KEEPER, and The Wandering Island. Caitlind & Wayne maintain an experimental art practice through The Hibernation Project. Whether exhibiting in formal galleries, pre-demolition buildings, public parks, islands in the Elbow River, or their own backyard, Caitlind & Wayne believe in art’s potential to transform the everyday through a critical shift in perspective.

In May 2020, Caitlind & Wayne assembled an online symposium of artists across disciplines including dance, theatre, visual arts, curation, and more to discuss the future of touch-based mediums in light of COVID-19. The conversation, called The Future of Touch, is the foundation for their participation in The Future of Intimacy.