Goodnight, Sleep Tight by ZU-UK

Network Laboratory #1


Persis-Jadé Maravala and Jorge Lopes Ramos (ZU-UK)

16 December 2022
:00 MST / 10:00 EST / 15:00 GMT
2.5 hours


Using participants’ own rawest of materials, we will collectively jam/crash a new thing within minutes – based on one-sided but intimate conversations and peering inwards at the often overlooked but immediate world that we live in. The resulting short-films will be live mixed in the workshop itself, using Max XP to hopefully 🤞🏽 cook up a sense of immediacy and intimacy. Bring a blanket. 

Persis Jadé Maravala is co-founder and Artistic Director of ZU-UK; she is writer and director for all the company’s work. She is ethnically Persian, born in Yemen yet raised in East London. In a world where mainstream narratives normalise hate and fear, and where contemporary loneliness is a new epidemic, Persis Jadé believes in the need for shared rituals, new narratives and experiences that empower those most vulnerable to have a voice and participate within a live, ever evolving, culture. Persis Jadé’s work is often interactive, political, intimate and sited in unusual locations as an invitation to people who might not ordinarily engage with the Arts. As well as running the MA Contemporary Performance course with ZU-UK at the University of Greenwich, Persis Jadé has taught at numerous institutions in the UK and abroad. Maravala is currently the joint curator of Rose Bruford College annual international symposium with Jorge Lopes Ramos.

Jorge Lopes Ramos is a Senior Lecturer in Contemporary Performance, as well as, co-founder and Executive Director of ZU-UK. In 2019, Jorge Lopes Ramos was awarded the title of Fellow of Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama for outstanding contributions to the field and together with Persis Jadé Maravala is currently joint curator of Rose Bruford College symposium. Over the past 15 years, Jorge’s practice-as-research outputs have taken the form of performances and productions, digital work, public installations and exhibitions in venues, conferences and festivals. His research has been published in Palgrave’s Reframing Immersive Theatre: The Politics and Pragmatics of Participatory Performance, Theatre, Dance and Performance Training Journal and the International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media.